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Here's how we protect your content using DMCA.

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What makes Bruqi the obvious choice when protecting your copyrighted content?

24/7 Personal Agent

Directly contact an agent for questions, concerns, or status reports.

Unlimited Takedowns

We don't limit takedown requests, anything we find we'll take down.

Amazing Reports

We revisit reported URLs to see if the illegal content has been removed.

Quick set-up

We can be up and running in about 24 hours, after initial contact.

Whitelist Section

You can add content you'd like us to takedown, or whitelist sites that are official.


Requests sent are completely anonymous, you can learn more in the FAQ.

Full Protection

$99.00 per month

We have one simple plan, with no limitations.
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✓ Unlimited keywords for 1 Entity
✓ Unlimited Takedowns & De-lists
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What's included:

  • ✓ Google Search, Images and Videos
  • ✓ At source DMCA Takedowns
  • ✓ Social Media Sites
  • ✓ Reddit
  • ✓ Whitelist URL
  • ✓ Image Hash Scans
  • ✓ Facial Recognition
  • ✓ Unlimited URL report
  • ✓ DMCA notices to hosting provider
  • ✓ 24/7 Personal Agent

Let's start removing leaks today!

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Transparency and honesty is our most important priority.

I am retired/my content is no longer available; can leaks still be taken down?

Yes, absolutely. Regardless of your current status as a creator or the availability of your original content, you still retain copyright over your creations, and leaks can be addressed with DMCA takedowns.

What platforms does Bruqi DMCA protection work on?

DMCA protection works on all platforms, including personal or custom platforms. This encompasses popular sites like OnlyFans, Fansly, Fanfix, Passes, Chaturbate, and many more. (Even your own site)

Can you remove onlyfans copycats? (catfishes, impersonators, scammers)

Yes, we can help in removing content from copycats, catfishes, impersonators, and scammers who steal from OnlyFans creators. If someone takes your OnlyFans content and reposts it on platforms like Fansly or others without your permission, we can send DMCA takedown notices to have that content removed.

What can and can't be removed with DMCA Takedowns?

DMCA takedowns can be used to remove copyrighted content from platforms and web hosts that respect and adhere to the DMCA. However, some sites, especially those not based in the U.S., may not be DMCA compliant. In such cases, the content might not be removed at the source, but it can often be delisted from search engine results.

How long do DMCA takedowns take?

The time for a DMCA takedown can vary, but typically, online service providers respond within a few days to a couple of weeks after receiving a valid DMCA notice. However, the actual removal time can differ based on the platform, the clarity of the notice, and the volume of requests the service provider is handling.

Each online platform or hosting service has its own policies and procedures for handling DMCA notices. Some large platforms, like YouTube or Google, have streamlined processes that might lead to quicker responses within a few minutes, while smaller platforms might take longer.

How can I unsubscribe?

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