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We help you permanently remove content that infringes on your IP, with our DMCA protection solutions.

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DMCA Protection Bruqi

We do everything to fight back and keep your content exclusive.

We protect your content using different AI solutions to find and identify illegally shared material. And then we automatically submit DMCA takedowns on platforms where they show up.

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Here's how we protect your content using DMCA.

We have optimized this process, and maximized the takedown rate & speed.

What makes Bruqi the obvious choice when protecting your copyrighted content?

24/7 Personal Agent

Directly contact an agent for questions, concerns, or status reports.

Unlimited Takedowns

We don't limit takedown requests, anything we find we'll take down.

Amazing Reports

We revisit reported URLs to see if the illegal content has been removed.

Quick set-up

We can be up and running in about 24 hours, after initial contact.

Whitelist Section

You can add content you'd like us to takedown, or whitelist sites that are official.


Requests sent are completely anonymous, you can learn more in the FAQ.

Full Protection

$99.00 per month

We have one simple plan, with no limitations.
No upsells, and no hidden fees. Just a flat monthly fee.
No questions asked 14-day money-back guarantee.

✓ Unlimited keywords for 1 Entity
✓ Unlimited Takedowns & De-lists
✓ Expert support team

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What's included:

  • ✓ Google Search, Images and Videos
  • ✓ Bing Search, Images and Videos
  • ✓ At source DMCA Takedowns
  • ✓ Social Media Sites
  • ✓ Reddit
  • ✓ Whitelist URL
  • ✓ Image Hash Scans
  • ✓ Facial Recognition
  • ✓ Unlimited URL report
  • ✓ DMCA notices to hosting provider
  • ✓ 24/7 Personal Agent

If you're a management agency just get in touch with sales@bruqi.com for custom pricing.

Get a free, detailed brand health report.

Just enter your keywords and we’ll send you a free complete scan of leaks and copyright infringement we find.


Transparency and honesty is our most important priority.

Does Bruqi have a free trial?

Yes, we have a 3 day free trial to get your account set up, understand your product and customize processes to work perfectly for your needs.

What type of content can you protect?

If you created it, and it can be found on the internet without your consent - we can protect you. Book a consultation if you're unsure.

How long do takedowns take?

This depends on the responsiveness of 3rd parties, on Google it's from 2 hours to 14 days. On average takes about 7-10 days.

Can you remove anything and everything?

If we can't remove it, nobody can. We have a lot of strategies to minimize damage of illegal content, like making the link de-listed from Google.

I am a faceless creator, is this a problem?

Nope, we have many different solutions for different types of creators. Like OCR (optical character recognition) to find your watermark.

Do you have open positions?

We're always looking for new talent to expand our team. If you think you can add value to the team email careers@bruqi.com