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We remove past, current and future leaks.

We start finding & removing your past leaks right away. Any new leaks are removed as they appear.

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Our AI searches for your leaked content constantly using all available information.

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Bruqi automatically sends notices to all responsible parties. This makes leaks:

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The Bruqi dashboard allows you to track the progress, initiate manual takedowns, safelist links you don’t want removed and more.

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Frequency Asked Questions

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I am a faceless creator - is this a problem when issuing DMCA takedowns?

Being a faceless creator does not impact your copyright rights. Regardless of whether you show your face or identity, your original content is protected by copyright as soon as it's created and fixed in a tangible medium. When issuing DMCA takedowns, it's the content's originality and your rights to it that matter, not your personal visibility.

Can you guarantee removals?

While we make every effort to ensure successful content removals and have a high success rate, no DMCA takedown service, including ours, can guarantee removals 100% of the time. Each case depends on various factors, including the platform's response, the clarity of the claim, and the actions of the alleged infringer.

Why would I use a takedown service rather than just do It myself?

Leveraging our automated takedown service ensures swift, professional handling of copyright infringements. With our extensive experience, automation tools, and established relationships, we reduce the risk of notices being rejected and save you valuable time, allowing you to focus on your content creation.

Will I have to do something whilst using Bruqi?

No, our DMCA takedown service is fully automated, ensuring a hands-off experience for you. However, if you choose to, you can self-report specific links or instances of infringement.

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